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        Usmania Fine Dining – Home

        Wele to

        Usmania Fine Dining

        Wele to Usmania Fine Dining home of authentic South Asian cuisine. We are proud to serve the best Pakistani-Indian cuisine with a delectable menu which offers authentic traditional flavors. Our goal is to provide the best dining experience to our customers. Our extended menu provides a variety of food ranging from traditional, Barbeque, fast-food and kid-friendly items. We ensure to prepare our food items with top-quality ingredients and Zabiha Halal meat. With a variety of menu choices, we are also known as the premium caterers with out of state catering options available to our loyal customers.

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        Tuesday, November 20TH, 2018



        A blend of traditional and innovative Pakistani cuisine awaits you at Usmania Fine Dining, Chicago. Our authentic Pakistani food menu is prised of a variety of? traditional cuisines which incorporates special recipes using quality ingredients. All of our food items are made using Zabiha halal meat.

        We also offer Catering Services for all events.

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        Lunch bo

        (Timings 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM) | (Weekdays Only)

        • Deal 1

          1 pc Beef or Chicken - Seekh Kebab with Vegetable - Chicken Biryani or with Plain basmati Rice and Tarka Daal
        • Deal 2

          Malai Chicken Or Chicken Boti with Vegetable Chicken Biryani or with Plain Basmati Rice and Tarka Daal
        • Deal 3

          Behari kebab or Chicken Behari with Vegetable Chicken or with Plain Basmati Rice and Tarka Daal

        Chicken Chargha

        ( Limited Time Offer )

        • Chicken Charga Limited Time Offer

          1 Chicken Roasted served with salad and chutney
        Reshmi Kebob
        Chicken Malai boti
        Chicken Quorma
        Butter Chicken
        Karhai Gosht



        At Usmania Fine Dining we offer an extensive menu to choose from an intimate family party, corporate meetings, to special events of the wedding and the fundraiser. We use 100% zabiha halal meat and quality ingredients to prepare fresh aromatic food items to make your event memorable. We specialize in buffet style catering.

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